Emergency drain servicing in Aberdeen and Huntley

Our team is on call around the clock to deal with emergency drain situations.

Emergency 24 hour drain clearance and servicing

Drains don’t operate on your schedule, and it can be any time day or night that one decides to act up. If you find yourself staring down a drainage emergency, don’t hesitate to call us for a 24 hour drain clearance service.

Professional drain clearance service

The most common drainage emergency you’re likely to experience is a blocked drain. The cause of the blockage may not be readily apparent, but that shouldn’t stop you from giving us a call! Our professional drain unblocking service can diagnose and resolve your problem.

Quality work and quality service

Providing you with high quality workmanship is only part of the equation. We’re also committed to giving you the best possible customer service as well. Dealing with a drainage emergency is no fun to begin with, it’s the least we can do to greet you with a smiling face!

For immediate emergency drain services, call us in:

Aberdeen: 07590 979 425
Huntly: 07818 349 650